Elevate Your Wellness, with Orriant Life

A new innovative type of healthcare that is affordable for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Healthcare that Comes to You!

When it comes to healthcare, most people feel they spend more than they like. Waiting rooms are
not convenient. And no one likes deductibles or copays. Having worked in the Health Insurance
and Wellness industry for more than 30 years, including Fortune Magazine’s #5 company, I’ve seen
what works well and what doesn’t work so well. Let me share something I found that works well.
It is called Orriant Life. And it is new!

What, Specifically, is Orriant Life?

The Orriant Life program provides the following, all for less than $4 per day, per household! It is a
subscription to preventative and primary care, like the front door to your healthcare… a front door
to save money and elevate your family’s wellness. *

  • Primary Care: Unlimited In-home and Virtual Primary Care, plus Free Labs, X-rays and EKGs from
    the convenience of your own home.
  • Regular In-Person Award-winning Virtual Coaching: to help you live life to its fullest.
  • Mental Health: Virtual video visits with licensed Mental Health Therapists.
  • Physical Therapy: Virtual video visits with licensed Physical Therapists.
  • Prescriptions: Standard Rx plus over 550 free meds from your pharmacy or mailed to your home.

Who is Orriant Life For?

  • Any individual in the U.S.A., and their Household. *
  • Individuals who don’t have health insurance, who want an affordable subscription for preventative and primary care.
  • Individuals who have high-deductible health insurance, and who wish to avoid paying deductibles and copays for preventative and primary care.
  • Individuals who have health insurance, and who wish to elevate their wellness and healthcare experience with award-winning coaching; and in-home and virtual primary care, mental health, physical therapy, and prescriptions with no deductibles or copays.
  • Individuals who have health insurance, and who wish to reduce their overall healthcare claims by 50%. See Orriant subscriber 3-year statistics below.
  • Small businesses who wish to elevate their employees’ healthcare benefit offering and improve employee wellness outcomes.
  • Businesses of 10 or more employees call (800) 584-3596 for information on even greater discounted contract rates than are available for individuals.

Why Enroll in Orriant Life? Try No Deductibles and No Copays for Starters

Important Disclaimer

Orriant Life is not insurance and is not a health plan. Rather, it is a subscription for preventative and primary care.

Elevate Your Family’s Wellness with Better Health Outcomes

Orriant Life is for Every Person who wants to elevate their wellness, reduce their overall healthcare costs, and enjoy the convenience of healthcare that comes to their home or office. Visit our website for discounted pricing on an Orriant Life subscription. Start TODAY!

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* Hilke Enterprises, LLC is an innovative health and wellness company in Highland, Utah, and is an affiliate reseller of Orriant Life. Special discounted Orriant Life subscription rates are available through our website: OrriantLife.com/elevate. Refer to our website for geographic service areas. Orriant coaching, for example, is offered in all 50 states in the U.S.A. Virtual and in-home preventative and primary care services are available in specific states and/or select cities. Visit Nice.healthcare/locations for Nice virtual and home visit service areas.